File Utils

File util FilesFind() wildcard mask consists of a single base dir with multiple file masks separated by ';'.    The '*' and '?
' wildcard chars are accepted.  The '~' is your home directory and '!' indicates an exclusion mask.

"/Kernel/*"             BaseDir: /Kernel            Mask: *
"/Demo/*.BMP*;*.GR*"    BaseDir: /Demo              Mask: *.BMP* | *.GR*
"/*.DD*;!*/Bible*"      BaseDir: Root               Mask: *.DD* but not */Bible*

See FilesFindMatch().

Flags are either text or int values.

    FUF_RECURSE         +r Recurse
    FUF_SINGLE          +s Single File (Optimization for one file in mask.)
    FUF_FLATTEN_TREE    +f use with '+F'.  Just use +F, probably.
    FUF_JUST_DIRS       +D just directories
    FUF_JUST_FILES      +F just files (Flattens trees)
    FUF_CLUS_ORDER      +O sort by cluster (move head one direction)
    FUF_JUST_TXT        +T just text files      : FILEMASK_TXT
    FUF_JUST_DD         +$ just DolDoc files    : FILEMASK_DD
    FUF_JUST_SRC        +S just src files       : FILEMASK_SRC
    FUF_JUST_AOT        +A just aot files       : FILEMASK_AOT
    FUF_JUST_JIT        +J just jit files       : FILEMASK_JIT
    FUF_JUST_GR         +G just graphic files   : FILEMASK_GR

See ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS when used in calling program taking text flags.