DolDoc Overview

DolDoc is a ZealOS document type supported by DolDoc Routines.  In a document, commands are bracketed with '$'s.    Use <CTRL-
l> to experiment inserting a command.  Then, use <CTRL-t> to toggle to plain text to see it.

Here is the grammar:

<DolDocCmd> := $<TwoLetterCmd>[<FlagList>][,<ArgList>]$ | $ColorName$

<FlagList> := +|- <FlagCode>[<FlagList>]

<ArgList> := <ArgCode>=<ArgExpression>[,<ArgList>]

The format of DolDoc cmds is a two character code, +/-flags, a comma and args separated by commas.  Some commands have 
mandatory args. Optional args are indicated with <ArgCode>=.  A ColorName bracked by dollars, will change the foreground 

See ::/Doc/Widget.DD, ::/Demo/DolDoc/DemoDoc.DD, and ::/Demo/ToHtmlToTXTDemo/ToHtml.ZC.

<TwoLetterCmd>  See Type Defines and ParseDollarCmd().
+] TX Text
+] CR Hard New Line
+] SR Soft New Line
+] CU Cursor pos
+] TB Tab
+] CL Clear
+] PB Page Break
+] PL Page Length
+] LM Left Margin
+] RM Right Margin
+] HD Header
+] FO Footer
+] ID Indent +/- num
+] Text Colors
+] PT User Prompt
+] WW Word Wrap
+] UL Underline
+] IV Invert
+] BK Blink
+] SX Shift X pos
+] SY Shift Y pos
+] CM Cursor Movement
+] AN Anchor
+] LK Link
+] BT Button
+] DA Data
+] CB Check Box
+] LS List Widget
+] MA Macro
+] MU Menu Value
+] HX Hex Edit
+] TR Tree Widget
+] SP Sprite
+] IB Insert Binary
+] IS Insert Binary Size
+] SO Song
+] HL Highlighting
+] HC html
+] ER Error

<FlagCode>  See Flag Defines and Simple Flags.
+] +H Hold
+] +L Link
+] +TR Tree
+] +LS List
+] +PU PopUp
+] +C Collapsed
+] +X <ESC> (Exit)
+] +Q <SHIFT-ESC> (Abort Quit)
+] +Z Zero
+] +RD Refresh Data
+] +UD Update Data
+] +TC Tag CallBack
+] +LC Left CallBack
+] +RC Right CallBack

<ArgCode>   See Arg Defines.
+] T="" Tag Str
+] LEN="" Field Length
+] A="" Auxilliary Str
+] D="" Define Str
+] HTML=""
+] LE=<Exp> Left Expression
+] LM="" Left Macro Str
+] RE=<Exp> Right Expression
+] RM="" Right Macro Str
+] BI=<Exp> Bin Number
+] BP="" Bin Pointer
+] RT=<raw_data_type>
+] SX=<Exp> Shift X
+] SY=<Exp> Shift Y
+] SCX=<Exp> Scroll X
+] U=<Exp> User Data


<CTRL-t> to see how the following were done.
Underlined Inverted Blinking super sub
This is a big long scrolling message.

Cursor Movements:

   Cursor moved 3 rows down and to 3rd column from left.

                                                                                      Note mandatory comma after flags

The following may be changed to modes instead of attr with flags.

                                                       This is centered

                                                                                                       This is right justified