/*  Kernel ASM symbols.
KernelB Kernel.PRJ
KernelB Compiler.PRJ
KernelB StartOS.ZC

#help_index "Bit"
#help_file "::/Doc/Bit"
public _intern IC_BSF               I64  Bsf(I64 bit_field_val); //Scan forward from lowest for 1st set. -1 if not found.
public _intern IC_BSR               I64  Bsr(I64 bit_field_val); //Scan rev from highest for 1st set. -1 if not found.
public _intern IC_BT                Bool Bt(          U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Bit test.
public _intern IC_BTC               Bool Btc(         U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Bit test and complement (same as xor with 1).
public _intern IC_BTR               Bool Btr(         U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Bit test and reset to zero.
public _intern IC_BTS               Bool Bts(         U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Bit test and set to one.
public _intern IC_LBTC              Bool LBtc(        U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Locked bit test and complement (xor with 1).
public _intern IC_LBTR              Bool LBtr(        U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Locked bit test and reset to zero.
public _intern IC_LBTS              Bool LBts(        U8 *bit_field, I64 bit); //Locked bit test and set to one.
public _intern IC_POPCNT            I64  PopCount(I64 bit_field_val); //Count number of set bits in number.
public _extern _BEQUAL              Bool BEqual(      U8 *bit_field, I64 bit, Bool val);//Set bit equal to value.
public _extern _LBEQUAL             Bool LBEqual(     U8 *bit_field, I64 bit, Bool val); //Locked Set bit equal to value.
public _extern _BIT_FIELD_EXT_U32   U32  BFieldExtU32(U8 *bit_field, I64 bit, I64 size); //Extract U32 from bit field.
public _extern _BIT_FIELD_OR_U32    U0   BFieldOrU32( U8 *bit_field, I64 bit, U32 pattern); //Or U32 into bit field.

#help_index "Boot"
_extern MEM_BOOT_BASE               U32 mem_boot_base;
_extern SYS_BOOT_BLK                U32 sys_boot_blk;
_extern SYS_BOOT_PATCH_TABLE_BASE   U32 sys_boot_patch_table_base;
_extern SYS_BOOT_SRC                U32 sys_boot_src;
_extern SYS_RUN_LEVEL               U32 sys_run_level;

#help_index "Call"
public _extern _CALL        I64 Call(U8 *machine_code); //Call address with no args.
public _extern _CALLEXTSTR  I64 CallExtStr(/*argpop*/U8 *name, ...);//Search sym table for function and pass it args.
//Can have any fixed number of arguments.
public _extern _CALL_IND    I64 CallInd(/*argpop*/I64 (*fp_addr)(...), ...); //Call with fixed number of args.

#help_index "Call/System Extern Num"
public _extern SYS_EXTERN_TABLE /*argpop*/  I64 (**ext)(...); //Array of function pointers. See Extern Num Definitions
public _extern _CALLEXTNUM                  I64 CallExtNum(I64 num, ...); //Call ext num with fixed number of args.

#help_index "Char/Conversion"
public _intern IC_TOUPPER   I64 ToUpper(U8 ch); //Convert char to upper case.

#help_index "Char/Operations"
public _intern IC_STRLEN    I64 StrLen(U8 *st); //String length.

#help_index "Data Types/Circular Queue"
#help_file "::/Doc/Queue"
public _intern IC_QUEUE_INIT        U0 QueueInit(CQueue *head); //Init queue head links.
public _intern IC_QUEUE_INSERT      U0 QueueInsert(   CQueue *entry, CQueue *pred);//Insert item into que after predecessor.
public _intern IC_QUEUE_INSERT_REV  U0 QueueInsertRev(CQueue *entry, CQueue *succ); //Revd insert into que.
                                                                                    //Ins item into que before successor.
public _intern IC_QUEUE_REMOVE      U0 QueueRemove(   CQueue *entry); //Remove item from queue.

#help_index "I/O;Processor/IO Port"
public _intern IC_IN_U16    U16 InU16( I64 port); //Read U16 from I/O port.
public _intern IC_IN_U32    U32 InU32( I64 port); //Read U32 from I/O port.
public _intern IC_IN_U8     U8  InU8(  I64 port); //Read U8 from I/O port.
public _intern IC_OUT_U16   U0  OutU16(I64 port,  I64 val); //Write U16 to I/O port.
public _intern IC_OUT_U32   U0  OutU32(I64 port,  I64 val); //Write U32 to I/O port.
public _intern IC_OUT_U8    U0  OutU8( I64 port,  I64 val); //Write U8 to I/O port.
public _extern _REP_IN_U16  U0  RepInU16( U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated read U16 from I/O port.
public _extern _REP_IN_U32  U0  RepInU32( U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated read U32 from I/O port.
public _extern _REP_IN_U8   U0  RepInU8(  U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated read U8 from I/O port.
public _extern _REP_OUT_U16 U0  RepOutU16(U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated write U16 to I/O port.
public _extern _REP_OUT_U32 U0  RepOutU32(U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated write U32 to I/O port.
public _extern _REP_OUT_U8  U0  RepOutU8( U8 *buf, I64 count, I64 port); //Repeated write U8 to I/O port.

#help_index "Math"
public _intern IC_ATAN      F64     ATan(F64 d); //Arc Tan (Inverse Tan).
public _intern IC_ABS       F64     Abs(F64 d); //Absolute F64.
public _intern IC_ABS_I64   I64     AbsI64(I64 i); //Absolute I64.
public _intern IC_COS       F64     Cos(F64 d); //Cosine.
public _intern IC_MAX_I64   I64     MaxI64(I64 n1, I64 n2); //Max of two I64s.
public _intern IC_MAX_U64   U64     MaxU64(U64 n1, U64 n2); //Max of two U64s.
public _intern IC_MIN_I64   I64     MinI64(I64 n1, I64 n2); //Min of two I64s.
public _intern IC_MIN_U64   U64     MinU64(U64 n1, U64 n2); //Min of two U64s.
public _intern IC_MOD_U64   U64     ModU64(U64 *q, U64 d); //Div and return U64 Modulo.
public _intern IC_SIGN_I64  I64     SignI64(I64 i); //Sign of I64: -1,0,1.
public _intern IC_SIN       F64     Sin(F64 d); //Sine.
public _intern IC_SQR       F64     Sqr(F64 d); //Square of F64.
public _intern IC_SQR_I64   I64     SqrI64(I64 i); //Square of I64.
public _intern IC_SQR_U64   U64     SqrU64(U64 i); //Square of U64.
public _intern IC_SQRT      F64     Sqrt(F64 d); //Square head of F64.
public _intern IC_SWAP_I64  U0      SwapI64(I64 *n1, I64 *n2); //Swap two I64s. Not atomic.
public _intern IC_SWAP_U16  U0      SwapU16(U16 *n1, U16 *n2); //Swap two U16s. Not atomic.
public _intern IC_SWAP_U32  U0      SwapU32(U32 *n1, U32 *n2); //Swap two U32s. Not atomic.
public _intern IC_SWAP_U8   U0      SwapU8(U8 *n1, U8 *n2); //Swap two U8s. Not atomic.
public _intern IC_TAN       F64     Tan(F64 d); //Tangent.
public _intern IC_TO_BOOL   Bool    ToBool(I64 i); //Convert to Boolean.
public _intern IC_TO_F64    F64     ToF64(I64 i); //Convert to F64.
public _intern IC_TO_I64    I64     ToI64(F64 d);   //Convert to I64. Truncates.
public _extern _ARG         F64     Arg(F64 x, F64 y); //Polar coordinate angle.
public _extern _CEIL        F64     Ceil(F64 d); //Ceiling of F64.
public _extern _CLAMP_I64   I64     ClampI64(I64 num, I64 lo, I64 hi); //Clamp to I64 [] range.
public _extern _CLAMP_U64   U64     ClampU64(U64 num, U64 lo, U64 hi); //Clamp to U64 [] range.
public _extern _EXP         F64     Exp(F64 d); //Exponential function.
_extern _FCLEX              U0      Fclex();
_extern _FLDCW              U0      Fldcw(U16 w);
public _extern _FLOOR       F64     Floor(F64 d); //Floor of F64.
_extern _FSTCW              U16     Fstcw();
_extern _FSTSW              U16     Fstsw();
public _extern _LN          F64     Ln(F64 d); //Logarithm.
public _extern _LOG10       F64     Log10(F64 d); //Log base 10.
public _extern _LOG2        F64     Log2(F64 d); //Log base 2.
public _extern _POW         F64     Pow(F64 base, F64 power); //F64 base to a power.
public _extern _POW10       F64     Pow10(F64 d); //Ten to the dth power.
public _extern _ROUND       F64     Round(F64 d); //Round F64 to whole number.
public _extern _SIGN        F64     Sign(F64 d); //Sign of F64: -1,0,1
public _extern _TRUNC       F64     Trunc(F64 d); //Truncate F64.

#help_index "Math/CD3;Data Types/CD3"
#help_file "::/Doc/D3"
public _extern _D3_ADD      CD3 *D3Add(   CD3 *sum, CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //sum=d1+d2
public _extern _D3_ADD_EQU  CD3 *D3AddEqu(CD3 *sum, CD3 *d); //sum+=d
public _extern _D3_COPY     CD3 *D3Copy(CD3 *dst, CD3 *src); //dst=src
public _extern _D3_CROSS    CD3 *D3Cross(CD3 *prod, CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //prod=d1xd2
public _extern _D3_DIST     F64  D3Dist(   CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //Distance
public _extern _D3_DIST_SQR F64  D3DistSqr(CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //Distance Squared
public _extern _D3_DIV      CD3 *D3Div(   CD3 *quot, CD3 *d, F64 s); //quot=d/s
public _extern _D3_DIV_EQU  CD3 *D3DivEqu(CD3 *quot, F64 s); //quot/=s
public _extern _D3_DOT      F64  D3Dot(CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //d1 dot d2
public _extern _D3_EQU      CD3 *D3Equ(CD3 *dst, F64 x=0, F64 y=0, F64 z=0); //dst=(x, y,z)
public _extern _D3_MUL      CD3 *D3Mul(   CD3 *prod, F64 s, CD3 *d); //prod=s*d
public _extern _D3_MUL_EQU  CD3 *D3MulEqu(CD3 *prod, F64 s); //prod*=s
public _extern _D3_NORM     F64  D3Norm(CD3 *d); //Norm
public _extern _D3_NORM_SQR F64  D3NormSqr(CD3 *d); //Norm Squared
public _extern _D3_SUB      CD3 *D3Sub(   CD3 *diff, CD3 *d1, CD3 *d2); //diff=d1-d2
public _extern _D3_SUB_EQU  CD3 *D3SubEqu(CD3 *diff, CD3 *d); //diff-=d
public _extern _D3_UNIT     CD3 *D3Unit(CD3 *d); //To unit vect
public _extern _D3_ZERO     CD3 *D3Zero(CD3 *dst); //To zero

#help_index "Memory"
public _extern _MEMCOMPARE  I64  MemCompare(U8 *ptr1, U8 *ptr2, I64 count); //Compare chunk of memory.
public _extern _MEMCOPY     U8  *MemCopy(U8 *dst, U8 *src, I64 count); //Copy chunk of memory. Only goes forward.
public _extern _MEMSET      U8  *MemSet(    U8 *dst, I64 val, I64 count); //Set chunk of U8s to value.
public _extern _MEMSET_I64  I64 *MemSetI64(I64 *dst, I64 val, I64 I64count); //Set chunk of I64s to value.
public _extern _MEMSET_U16  U16 *MemSetU16(U16 *dst, I64 val, I64 U16count); //Set chunk of U16s to value.
public _extern _MEMSET_U32  U32 *MemSetU32(U32 *dst, I64 val, I64 U32count); //Set chunk of U32s to value.
_extern SYS_HEAP_DEBUG_FLAG U8 sys_heap_debug;
_extern SYS_HEAP_INIT_FLAG  U8 sys_heap_init_flag;
_extern SYS_HEAP_INIT_VAL   U8 sys_heap_init_val;
_extern SYS_MEM_INIT_FLAG   U8 sys_mem_init_flag;
_extern SYS_MEM_INIT_VAL    U8 sys_mem_init_val;
_extern SYS_VAR_INIT_FLAG   U8 sys_var_init_flag;
_extern SYS_VAR_INIT_VAL    U8 sys_var_init_val;

#help_index "Memory/BlkPool"
public _extern SYS_CODE_BP CBlkPool *sys_code_bp; //System's BlkPool for code.
public _extern SYS_DATA_BP CBlkPool *sys_data_bp; //System's BlkPool for data.

#help_index "Memory/Info"
_extern MEM_HEAP_BASE       U8 *mem_heap_base;
_extern MEM_HEAP_LIMIT      U8 *mem_heap_limit;
_extern MEM_MAPPED_SPACE    U8 *mem_mapped_space;
_extern MEM_PHYSICAL_SPACE  U8 *mem_physical_space;

#help_index "Messages;Windows"
public _extern SYS_FOCUS_TASK CTask *sys_focus_task; //Current focus task.

#help_index "Misc"
public _extern SYS_COMPILE_TIME CDate sys_compile_time; //Date and time kernel was compiled.
_extern SYS_CTRL_ALT_FLAGS      I64   sys_ctrl_alt_flags[1]; //Should be semiphores?

#help_index "Misc/Progress Bars"
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS1        I64 progress1; //Current progress 1.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS1_DESC   U8  progress1_desc[PROGRESS_DESC_LEN]; //Progress 1 description.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS1_MAX    I64 progress1_max; //Progress 1 max.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS1_T0     F64 progress1_t0; //Progress 1 start time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS1_TF     F64 progress1_tf; //Progress 1 end time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS2        I64 progress2; //Current progress 2.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS2_DESC   U8  progress2_desc[PROGRESS_DESC_LEN]; //Progress 2 description.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS2_MAX    I64 progress2_max; //Progress 2 max.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS2_T0     F64 progress2_t0; //Progress 2 start time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS2_TF     F64 progress2_tf; //Progress 2 end time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS3 I64        progress3; //Current progress 3.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS3_DESC   U8  progress3_desc[PROGRESS_DESC_LEN]; //Progress 3 description.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS3_MAX    I64 progress3_max; //Progress 3 max.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS3_T0     F64 progress3_t0; //Progress 3 start time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS3_TF     F64 progress3_tf; //Progress 3 end time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS4        I64 progress4; //Current progress 4.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS4_DESC   U8  progress4_desc[PROGRESS_DESC_LEN]; //Progress 4 description.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS4_MAX    I64 progress4_max; //Progress 4 max.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS4_T0     F64 progress4_t0; //Progress 4 start time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESS4_TF     F64 progress4_tf; //Progress 4 end time.
public _extern SYS_PROGRESSES CProgress sys_progresses[PROGRESS_BARS_NUM]; //All progress bars.

#help_index "MultiCore"
#help_file "::/Doc/MultiCore"
public _extern SYS_CPU_STRUCTS  CCPU *cpu_structs; //Gs points to cur CCPU.
public _extern SYS_MP_COUNT     I64   mp_count; //Count of cores
_extern SYS_MP_COUNT_INITIAL    I64   mp_count_initial; //only used during Core0StartMP
_extern SYS_MP_COUNT_LOCK       I64   mp_count_lock;
_extern SYS_SEMAS               CSema sys_semas[SEMA_SEMAS_NUM];

#help_index "MultiCore;Processor"
public _intern IC_GS CCPU *Gs(); //GS points to current CCPU.

#help_index "PCI"
public _extern SYS_PCI_BUSES U16 sys_pci_buses; //Number of PCI buses.

#help_index "Processor"
public _intern IC_CARRY I64 Carry(); //See ::/Demo/Carry.ZC
public _intern IC_RAX_GET       I64     RAXGet(); //Get RAX register value.
public _intern IC_RBP_GET       U8     *RBPGet(); //Get RBP register value.
public _intern IC_RFLAGS_GET    I64     RFlagsGet(); //Get RFlags register value.
public _intern IC_RSP_GET       U8     *RSPGet(); //Get RSP register value.
public _intern IC_POP           I64     Pop(); //Pop value from stack.
public _intern IC_PUSH          U0      Push(I64 d); //Push value on stack.
public _intern IC_RAX_SET       U0      RAXSet(I64 d); //Set RAX register value.
public _intern IC_RBP_SET       U0      RBPSet(U8 *d); //Set RBP register value.
public _intern IC_RFLAGS_SET    U0      RFlagsSet(I64 d); //Set RFlags register value.
public _intern IC_RSP_SET       U0      RSPSet(U8 *d); //Set RSP register value.
public _extern _CPUID           U0      CPUId(U32 rax, CRAXRBXRCXRDX *res); //Do CPUID instruction.
public _extern _ENDIAN_U16      U16     EndianU16(U16 val); //Swap big<-->little endian U16.
public _extern _ENDIAN_U32      U32     EndianU32(U32 val); //Swap big<-->little endian U32.
public _extern _ENDIAN_U64      U64     EndianU64(U64 val); //Swap big<-->little endian U64.
public _extern _LXCHG_I64       I64     LXchgI64(I64 *dst, I64 d); //Locked eXchange I64s.
public _extern _LXCHG_U16       U16     LXchgU16(U16 *dst, U16 d); //Locked eXchange U16s.
public _extern _LXCHG_U32       U32     LXchgU32(U32 *dst, U32 d); //Locked eXchange U32s.
public _extern _LXCHG_U8        U8      LXchgU8(  U8 *dst,  U8 d); //Locked eXchange U8s.
public _extern _MSR_READ        I64     MSRRead(I64 model_specific_reg); //Model Specific Reg See MSRs.
public _extern _MSR_WRITE       U0      MSRWrite(I64 model_specific_reg, I64 val); //Model Specific Reg See MSRs.
public _extern _SYS_HLT         U0      SysHlt(); //Loops doing HLT instruction.
public _extern _XCHG_I64        I64     XchgI64(I64 *dst, I64 d); //eXchange I64s.
public _extern _XCHG_U16        U16     XchgU16(U16 *dst, U16 d); //eXchange U16s.
public _extern _XCHG_U32        U32     XchgU32(U32 *dst, U32 d); //eXchange U32s.
public _extern _XCHG_U8         U8      XchgU8(  U8 *dst,  U8 d); //eXchange U8s.
_extern SYS_GDT                 CGDT    sys_gdt;

#help_index "Processor/Cache;Memory/Cache"
public _intern IC_CLFLUSH           U0  CLFlush(U8 *a); //Flush cache line instruction.
public _extern SYS_CACHE_LINE_WIDTH I64 sys_cache_line_width; //CPU's Cache line width.

#help_index "Processor/Page Tables;Memory/Page Tables"
public _intern IC_INVLPG        U0  InvalidatePage(U8 *a); //Invalidate page at addr instruction.
public _extern MEM_PAGE_SIZE    U64 mem_page_size;

#help_index "Task;Processor"
public _intern IC_FS CTask *Fs(); //FS segment register points to the current CTask.

#help_index "Time/CPU Cycles"
#help_file "::/Doc/TimeCycles"
public _intern IC_RDTSC I64 TSCGet(); //Get time stamp counter.

#help_index "Graphics/Framebuffer"
public _extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_ADDR     U8  *sys_framebuffer_addr;
public _extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_WIDTH    U64 sys_framebuffer_width;
public _extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_HEIGHT   U64 sys_framebuffer_height;
public _extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_PITCH    U64 sys_framebuffer_pitch;
public _extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_BPP      U8  sys_framebuffer_bpp;

_extern SYS_FRAMEBUFFER_LIST CVideoInfo sys_framebuffer_list[VBE_MODES_NUM];

#help_index "Processor/SMBIOS"
public _extern SYS_SMBIOS_ENTRY U8  *sys_smbios_entry;

#help_index ""
public _extern SYS_DISK_UUID  U64   sys_disk_uuid[2];
public _extern SYS_IS_UEFI_BOOTED   Bool    sys_is_uefi_booted;

#help_index ""