Compiler Options

Use Option().   You might need to do #exe {Option();}.

OPTf_GLOBALS_ON_DATA_HEAP without this option, global variables are placed in the code heap which is limited to 2Gig.   In AOT 
modules, global variables take-up room in the .ZXE file, so you might want to use this option, instead.  You might wish to 
turn it on and off around specific variables.  A disadvantage of data heap global variables in AOT modules is they can't be 

OPTf_EXTERNS_TO_IMPORTS and OPTf_KEEP_PRIVATE are strange options, you'll never need.  They're to allow the same header file 
for Kernel to act as externs when compiling itself and imports when compiled by AOT modules.

OPTf_WARN_UNUSED_VAR        warning if unused variable. It is applied to functions.

OPTf_WARN_PAREN             warning if parenthesis are not needed.

OPTf_WARN_DUP_TYPES         warning if duplicate local variable type statements.

OPTf_WARN_HEADER_MISMATCH   warning if function header does not match.

OPTf_NO_REG_VAR             forces all function local variables to the stack not registers.  Applied to functions.

OPTf_NO_BUILTIN_CONST       Disable 10-byte float consts for pi, log2_10, log10_2, loge_2.  Applied to functions.