Terry A. Davis wrote all of TempleOS over a span of 15.0 years (full-time). ZealOS, written over a span of 4.1 years 
(part-time), is a fork of TempleOS. It can run on bare metal 64-bit PC's from about 2007-2019 with no layering, libraries, 
tools, modules or anything from other sources.  Otherwise, you run it in a virtual machine, like VMware, QEMU or VirtualBox.    
It is independent and can stand alone.  100% of the operating system source code is included on all distros, from the kernel 
to the compiler to the applications, including public-domain BIOS-mode boot loaders!    It is public domain, not GPL.

*) ATA Reg and Cmd Definitions are originally from Linux.  Later, Terry got the spec.

*) The heap algorithm, ::/Kernel/Memory/MAllocFree.ZC, is adapted from one Terry saw at Ticketmaster when he worked on their 
VAX operating system.

*) The adaptive-step-size-Runge-Kutta algorithm, ::/System/MathODE.ZC, is adapted from the book, Numerical Recipes in C.

*) The mountain in some games is from  The wolf in BlackDiamond is also from there.    Te
rry took watermarked photos and converted to 16 color.

*) The FAT32 file system is owned by MicroSoft.

*) A few features were inspired by MATLAB, such as ans in expressions at the command-line.  There is a lot of MSDOS , Windows, 
VAXTMOS (VAX Ticketmaster O.S.) and Unix inspiration, too, such as drive letters, command names, etc.

*) Terry included PCIDevice List File.

*) Thanks to whoever wrote this CppHtml.ZC.  Terry was a novice on web stuff and you helped him with html.  See 

*) Terry used the ISO9660 spec to help him understand the ISO9660 file system format.

*) Terry looked at bootable CD boot sectors, but didn't learn anything, finding it easier to make his own.

*) Terry thought he got his original PC speaker code from Borland C.

*) Terry found PS/2 keyboard and mouse code on the net and documentation.  His code is very different.  He found VGA register 
info on the net.

*) Thanks to for a couple tips.

*) Terry got Webster's Dictionary and The King James Bible from Project Gutenberg.

*) John Carmack inspired Terry to use "Clamp" as a name instead of "Limit". He inspired Terry to use "needle" and "haystack" 
as names.  He inspired Terry to simplify his Frames-Per-Second code.

*) Bill Gates inspired Terry to add comments to the Help & Index.

*) Terry hired an artist, Cody Rigby, for $3,000 worth of pixel art.

*) The random number generator is from Donald Knuth in the wikipedia entry for Linear_congruential_generator.

*) The optional UEFI-compatible Limine bootloader is copyrighted by GitHub user 'mintsuki' and project contributors, under the 
BSD-2 License.  This bootloader is NOT included by default, and is only available on ZealOS distro ISO builds marked 
"BSD2-UEFI" in the ISO filename.

* "MSDOS", "Windows", and "FAT32" are trademarks owned by MicroSoft Corp.
* "MATLAB" is a trademark owned by The Math Works, Inc.
* "QEMU" is a trademark owned by Fabrice Bellard.
* "VAX" is a trademark owned by Digital Equipment Corp.
* "Linux" is a trademark owned by Linus Torvalds.
* "VAXTMOS" is a trademark owned by Ticketmaster.