"Fixed point" means you use ints
that are scaled by a value.  A common
example would be using number of pennies
instead of dollars with a float.

Fixed-point used to be much faster,
but modern processors do well with
floats.  It also depends on the compiler
and the ZealC compiler is poor with floats.

Terry often used 64-bit ints with upper 32-bits
as int and lower 32-bits as fraction.

See ::/Demo/SubIntAccess.ZC for how
to access upper or lower 32-bits.

For a complete list of nonstandard compiler
features, see ::/Doc/ZealC.DD.

U0 Main()
    F64 t0, f_sum=0, f_val;
    I64 i , i_sum=0, i_val;

    i_val =  2.0000002 * 0x100000000;
    t0 = tS;
    for (i = 1000000000; i; i--)
        i_sum += i_val;
    "Int Sum\t\t:%.9f Time:%7.3fs\n", i_sum / ToF64(0x100000000), tS - t0;

    f_val = 2.0000002;
    t0 = tS;
    for (i = 1000000000; i; i--)
        f_sum += f_val;
    "Float Sum\t:%.9f Time:%7.3fs\n", f_sum, tS - t0;

U0 DoIt2()
    I64 i = 0x123456789ABCDEF0;
    "i\t\t=%X\n", i;

    "i&0xFFFFFFFF\t=%X\n", i & 0xFFFFFFFF;
    "i>>32\t\t=%X\n", i >> 32;

/*  Standard int types are declared
with a special compiler feature which
allows a structure to be accessed as a
whole.  That's why the i variable can
be accessed normally in addition to
structure member access I64.  The actual
intrinsic compiler type is U64i.

public U64i union I64
    I8i i8[8];
    U8i u8[8];
    I16 i16[4];
    U16 u16[4];
    I32 i32[2];
    U32 u32[2];

It's not quite as great as it seems
because the compiler decides it cannot
place i into a register, so there is a

For a complete list of nonstandard compiler
features, see ::/Doc/ZealC.DD.

    "i.u32[0]\t=%X\n", i.u32[0];
    "i.u32[1]\t=%X\n", i.u32[1];


//See ::/Demo/Lectures/FixedPointAdvanced.ZC

/*Program Output

16 Cores 3.500GHz
Int Sum                 :2000000199.768690240 Time:  0.803s
Float Sum           :2000000225.656127040 Time:  3.615s

i                           =123456789ABCDEF0
i&0xFFFFFFFF        =9ABCDEF0
i>>32                   =12345678
i.u32[0]                =9ABCDEF0
i.u32[1]                =12345678